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Lock Specialists is a locally owned and operated locksmith with over 50 years of experience in installing panic bars in Chatsworth. We are proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and have received all 5-star reviews from our customers. Our core values are trustworthiness, reliability, and security. We offer Panic bars – durable and reliable hardware designed to provide easy egress in case of an emergency. With our expertise, we can ensure that your panic bar installation is done quickly and professionally. Trust Lock Specialists for quality service and security solutions!


-50 years of expertise: Expert Security Solutions

-Locally owned & operated: Proudly Chatsworth

-Chamber of Commerce Member: Quality Assured

-ALL 5-star reviews: Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

-Mobile Locksmith: Anytime, Anywhere Service

Secure your business with trusted Lock Specialists. Get your panic bars in Chatsworth today!

Let Us Help You With Your Panic Bars in Chatsworth

We at Lock Specialists understand the importance of security and safety for our customers. That’s why we offer Panic Bars, to provide quick and easy access control in an emergency. Our Panic Bars are built with trustworthiness, reliability, and security in mind, so you can be sure that your premises will be safe and secure. Contact us today to find out more about our Panic Bar solutions.


At Lock Specialists, we’ve been in business for 50 years, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing. We’re locally owned and operated, a Chamber of Commerce Member, and all our reviews are 5-star – so you can trust us to deliver an incredible service. Plus, our core values are trustworthy, reliable, and secure, meaning your panic bars will be installed perfectly every time. So don’t wait – get in touch with us today!

FAQs About Panic Bars in Chatsworth

Q: What are panic bars?

A: Panic bars are emergency exit devices that are used to quickly open doors in the event of an emergency.

Q: Why should I get panic bars?

A: Panic bars are a great way to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and property in the event of an emergency. They make it easy to exit quickly and safely.

Q: How do panic bars work?

A: Panic bars are designed to be easily opened from the inside with the simple push of a bar. This allows for quick and easy exit in the event of an emergency.

Q: What types of panic bars do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of panic bars, including single- and double-action panic bars, as well as fire-rated panic bars.

Q: Are your panic bars safe and secure?

A: Absolutely! All of our panic bars are designed with the utmost security and safety in mind. They are tested to make sure they meet all security requirements and will give you the safety you need.

4 Reasons To Install Panic Bars in Chatsworth

Lock Specialists Install Panic Bars in Chatsworth

Are you in need of reliable lock specialists in Chatsworth? Then, look no further! We are a mobile locksmith based in Chatsworth and we specialize in installing panic bars. With our years of experience and expertise, we guarantee that your safety needs will be met with the utmost reliability and care.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional services at all times. Our technicians have been trained to handle any kind of locking system installation or repair quickly and effectively. We understand how important it is to keep your premises secure so we use only the highest quality equipment and materials for every job. Plus, our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. So if you’re looking for professional and reliable locksmiths in Chatsworth for panic bars, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Emergency Exit with Panic Bars in Chatsworth

When it comes to emergency exits, panic bars are the way to go. They provide a fast and easy escape route in case of an emergency. With just one touch, they instantly release the door’s lock so you can get out quickly and safely. Plus, since no key is required, everyone in the building knows exactly how to get out in a hurry.

Panic bars come in a variety of sizes and styles, so there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. The most common type features an easily accessible horizontal bar mounted on the inside of the door. When pushed, the bar releases the locking mechanism and opens the door outward. This design allows for fast egress from any angle, making it ideal for crowded areas with multiple people trying to leave at once.

For extra peace of mind, look into panic bars featuring alarm systems or deadbolts. These models will sound a loud siren when triggered, letting anyone nearby know that someone is exiting the premises. Additionally, deadbolt models automatically re-lock after being opened, providing added security against unauthorized entry. With these types of panic bars, you can ensure safe and secure emergency exits every time.

An Essential Security Feature: Panic Bars

When it comes to security and safety, panic bars are a must-have. Installing them on your building’s exits can be the difference between an orderly evacuation or overwhelming chaos in case of an emergency.

At Lock Specialists, we understand how important panic bars are for businesses. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your panic bar will last for years, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from any unexpected events. We’ve been installing panic bars for 50 years, so we know how to do it with precision and accuracy. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your panic bars will perform optimally when they need to.

We’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of not having proper panic bars installed. Don’t let this happen to you; trust Lock Specialists to provide the best security solutions for your business. Let us help you protect yourself, your employees, and your property with the installation of high-quality panic bars.

Keep Your Business Secure with Panic Bars in Chatsworth

At Lock Specialists, we understand how critical it is to keep your business safe and secure. That’s why we’re proud to offer panic bars – an invaluable addition to any commercial space. Panic bars are very reliable and long-lasting security solutions that can help you get out of a dangerous situation quickly and easily. With 50 years of experience in the locksmith industry, you can trust us to install high-quality panic bars that meet all safety standards. Plus, they come with features such as automatic locking mechanisms and adjustable latches for added convenience. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to protect your business, look no further than panic bars!

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