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Lock Specialists is a family-owned and operated locksmith installing strike plates in Chatsworth with 50 years of experience. We are proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and have earned all 5-star reviews. Our strike plates are reliable, secure, and trustworthy. They are designed to prevent forced entry into doorways and provide extra protection for your home or business. We offer fast and reliable service, so don’t wait any longer – contact us today!

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    • 50 years of trusted experience
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We Install Strike Plates in Chatsworth For Increased Security

At Lock Specialists, we understand how important it is to make sure your home or business is secure. That’s why we offer Strike Plates, which are designed to provide extra security and strength for the doors in your property. Our Strike Plates will help protect you from potential break-ins and other unwanted intrusions, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe. We’re here to help keep you and your family safe, so come see us today to get started on making your home or business more secure! We are professional locksmiths with high security in mind.

We Install Security Strike Plates

We here at Lock Specialists have been providing metal strike plates and other locksmith services to the Chatsworth community for over 50 years. Furthermore, we are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing reliable, secure, and trustworthy services. Our reviews speak for themselves – all 5-star ratings! As members of the Chamber of Commerce, you can trust us to deliver fast and reliable service every time. Let us take care of your strike plates in Chatsworth today!

FAQs About Strike Plates in Chatsworth

Q: What is a Security Strike Plate?
A: Strike Plates are metal plate for lock hardware that provides an extra layer of security to your door. They are installed at the top and bottom of the door and help to prevent forced entry into your home or business.

Q: How do Strike Plates work?
A: Strike Plates work by providing an extra layer of protection against forced entry. They are designed to be thicker than the original door frame, and they are secured with longer screws that go into the door frame, making them harder to break into.

Q: Why do I need to Strike Plates?
A: Strike Plates are an important part of a secure home or business. They provide an extra layer of protection against forced entry and can help to deter potential burglars. Adding a high-security lock adds bonus protection over a cheap lock.

Q: What types of strike plates are there?

A: Standard strike plate and T-strike plates.

Q: Where can I get Strike Plates?
A: You can get Strike Plates from Lock Specialists. We have been providing locksmith services for over 50 years and are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. All of our services come with a 5-star rating.

Q: How can I get Strike Plates installed?
A: At Lock Specialists, we provide fast and reliable Strike Plate installation services. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your Strike Plates are installed correctly and securely. Contact us today for more information.

Reliable Lock Specialists in Chatsworth for Strike Plates

Are you looking for a reliable locksmith to install strike plates in Chatsworth? Look no further than our family-owned and operated business. We’ve been providing quality lock services since 2016, so you can trust that you’ll get the job done right! Our team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering time-efficient solutions and top-notch service at competitive rates. From simple repairs to complex installations, we have the skills and tools to take care of all your lock needs. Don’t hesitate – to give us a call today and let us show you why we’re the best choice for lock specialists in Chatsworth!

Enhancing Security with Strike Plates

Installing strike plates is a great way to improve the security of any home or business. They provide a stronger, more durable fit for door locks and help protect against forced entry. Here are 4 ways standard strike plates and T-strike plates can enhance your safety:

  1. Adding reinforcement – Strike plates add extra reinforcement around the lock, which makes it much more difficult for intruders to kick in the door.
  2. Defending from wear & tear – Door frames are constantly exposed to weather conditions that can cause them to warp over time. Strike plates prevent this by providing an additional layer of protection between the frame and the lock.
  3. Giving you peace of mind – Knowing your doors are secure provides much-needed peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your home or business. You’ll be able to rest assured knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to keep yourself safe.
  4. Criminals will look elsewhere – Installing strike plates serves as an effective deterrent to criminals who may otherwise try to break into your property. Since they offer such strong resistance to forced entry, burglars may choose to target other homes instead.

“Experts told us it’s extremely difficult to lockpick the B60N—which, honestly, is not much of a concern anyway, because a Grade 1 lock like this is secure enough that a determined thief would be more likely to bypass it and find another way into the home.”

Source: nytimes.com

Strike plates are a simple, yet highly effective way to increase your security. By adding another layer of defense around your locks, you can make sure your home or business is protected and remain confident that your valuables are safe.

Why Are Strike Plates Needed For a Secure Lock?

When it comes to securing your home, office, or business, stainless steel strike plates, extended lip strike plates, and deadbolt strike plates are essential components of any secure lock. Without them, even the most advanced locks would be useless! Strike plates provide additional reinforcement and security for the door frame by creating a secure fit between the deadbolt and the frame. This helps make sure that the frame can withstand forceful attempts to open the door. In addition, they also help protect against tampering and jimmying of the lock itself. Here’s why you should consider having strike plates installed:

  • They add extra strength and stability to the locking mechanism, making it harder to break in. Especially extended lip strike plates.
  • They keep the latch from being pulled out of its proper location, providing an added layer of protection. Deadbolt strike plates are also available.
  • Not only that, but they reduce wear and tear on the lock, extending the life of the lock and preventing potential damage.

Common strike plates are an important part of keeping your property safe and secure. Installing them on exterior doors can give you peace of mind knowing that your doors are properly secured against forced entry. It’s worth investing in quality strike plates for standard doors to ensure that your home, office, or business is well protected. Plus, using strike plates as part of your overall locking system can significantly enhance the security of your property.

What about high-security locks?

We did not make a high-security deadbolt pick, because they a) are all universally excellent; b) generally have to be purchased at a dedicated locksmith shop, and often have to be professionally installed; and c) are more than most homeowners need. The major brands are Abloy, Assa, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock (all fall under one corporate roof, Assa Abloy, but their designs are unique), and Schlage‘s high-security lines—the 600, 700, and 800 series.

Based on our research, we’re confident that all will provide exceptional security, but our experts’ input leads us to slightly favor Schlage. The 600 series uses a standard key, but features an additional spool pin in the cylinder—six, versus the B60N’s five—making it that much harder to pick. And the 600-, 700-, and 800-series deadbolts are more heavily built than the B60N, and come with a metal-lined strike. The 700 and 800 series models employ Schlage‘s Primus key system, which adds a second set of pins to make picking and bumping virtually impossible for all but true experts. Finally, the 800 series adds key control: Only the lock owner can authorize a locksmith to cut additional keys.

But again, this bears repeating: Most of our experts said that for homeowners, it’s wiser to buy a good, affordable Grade 1 deadbolt like the B60N—already secure enough that anyone breaking in would probably go around it rather than trying to defeat it—and spend the savings on other security upgrades, like an alarm system, better window locks, and/or motion-activated entryway lights.

Source: nytimes.com

The Sturdy Strike Plates for Your Home Security

Getting strike plates in Chatsworth installed is an essential part of any home security system, providing extra strength and protection against forced entry. As a result, they’re a significant feature to consider when upgrading or installing new locks on your doors.

At Lock Specialists in Chatsworth, we understand the value of stainless steel strike plates and stock only the highest-quality options available. Our selection includes hardened steel strikes with adjustable mounting holes that will fit most door frames and latch types. We also carry full kits that come complete with screws and installation instructions, making it easy to get everything you need in one place. All our products come backed by our 5-star reviews and guarantee, giving you peace of mind knowing that your purchase is secure.




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