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Lock Specialists is a locally owned and operated locksmith in Simi Valley with 50 years of experience. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce and with ALL 5-star reviews, you can trust Lock Specialists to provide reliable and secure master keying services. Our team of experts will ensure that your property is safe and secure, so you never have to worry about anyone gaining unwanted access. Whether it’s for residential or commercial needs, contact Lock Specialists today for all of your master key needs!


• 50yrs Expertise: Trusted Security
• Local Pros: Quality Service
• Chamber Member: Professional Excellence
• 5-Star Reviews: Quality Guaranteed
• Mobile Locksmith: Convenient Solutions

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At Lock Specialists, we understand the importance of security and reliability. That’s why we offer master keying services to our customers in Simi Valley – so they can trust that their locks are secure and reliable. With this service, you’ll be able to create one key for multiple locks, giving you the convenience of not having to carry around a bunch of individual keys. Our team is here to provide you with expert advice and top-notch products to ensure your locks are as secure as possible. Trust us to help you keep your home or business safe!

UNDERSTANDING Master Key Services in Simi Valley

Choose Lock Specialists for your master keying needs! We’ve been in the business for 50 years, so you can trust our experience. Plus, we’re locally owned and operated, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and have all 5-star reviews – so you know we take our customers seriously. Our core values are trustworthiness, reliability, and security, meaning that when you work with us, you will always get the best service possible. So don’t wait – call Lock Specialists today for your master keying needs!

FAQs for Master Key Services in Simi Valley

Q: What is master keying?
A: Master keying is a process where locks can be re-keyed to operate on multiple keys. This allows one key to open multiple locks while still keeping each lock secure.

Q: What types of locks can be master keyed?
A: We can master key most types of locks, including residential locks, commercial locks, and high-security locks.

Q: How long does it take to master key a lock?
A: It usually takes us about an hour to master key a lock.

Q: Do you offer a warranty for master keying services?
A: Yes, we offer a warranty on all our master keying services.

Q: What areas do you provide master keying services?
A: We provide master keying services in Simi Valley and surrounding areas.

Secure Your Property with Master Key Services in Simi Valley

At Master Keying, we understand how important it is for you to feel secure in your own home or workplace. That’s why we offer the highest quality locksmith services here in Simi Valley and its surrounding areas. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we are qualified to handle all of your lock needs.

Accidents happen and keys get lost – but that doesn’t have to mean complete panic mode. We can provide you with quick and reliable service, so you don’t have to worry about security in your property any longer. Our team of experts will ensure your locks are up-to-date and functioning properly. Here’s what we specialize in:

  • Rekeying existing locks
  • Installing new locks
  • Repairing broken locks
  • Replacing old locks

Ensuring Security and Access Control through Master Keying

Master keying is an essential component of ensuring security and access control in any building. By having a master key, the owner, or manager of a property can quickly and easily gain access to all locked spaces without having to carry multiple keys around. This eliminates the need to fumble with several keys, while also allowing them to keep track of who has access to which areas. It also provides peace of mind knowing that the right people are accessing the right areas at the right time.

The process of setting up a master key system involves creating a hierarchy within the locks themselves. Each individual lock will have its own unique key, but it will then be assigned a group number as part of the overall master key system. The person responsible for managing access can determine exactly what type of access each group has and to which specific locations. This allows for greater control over who is able to enter certain areas and when they are allowed to do so.

In addition to providing increased security and access control, the use of master keys helps to reduce the amount of time spent dealing with lost keys or forgotten combinations. By having one universal key, these issues can be eliminated and any necessary repairs or replacements can be done quickly and cost-effectively. Despite the fact that setting up a master key system requires more upfront effort than using traditional methods, it pays off in the long run by making sure only those with appropriate authorization can get into secure areas.

Unlock the Benefits of Master Key Services in Simi Valley

Master keying is an invaluable tool for businesses and homeowners alike. It’s essentially a way to provide key access to multiple locks using one master key, while also allowing each lock to have its own individual code. This means that you can manage all of your locks without having to keep track of dozens of keys! With master keying, you can ensure everyone has the right level of access to certain doors or areas within a building while staying in control of who has which key.

At Lock Specialists, we understand how important it is to be able to easily manage your security systems. That’s why we offer expert master keying services in Simi Valley. Our experienced technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about the best solutions for your particular needs. We’ll help you create the perfect system, so you can rest easy knowing that all your locks and keys are secure and properly managed.

What Are the Benefits of Master Keying?

At Lock Specialists, we understand that keeping your property secure is a top priority. That’s why we offer master keying services for our customers in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas. Master keying allows you to have one key fit multiple locks, making it easier for you to access all of your locks with just one key.

Master keying also provides an extra layer of security, as only certain people can access specific locks. This way, you know exactly who has access to what parts of your property. Plus, if you ever need to change keys, you don’t have to rekey every single lock; simply replacing the master key will do the trick. What’s more, master keying helps save time and money since you won’t be needing to buy individual keys for each lock.

So if you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution for managing your locks, why not consider master keying? It can give you peace of mind knowing that your property is secure and only authorized personnel can access it.

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